James Chip

The infinite geometary
Off into the woods with ye.
A map drawing and story telling game about people, trees and spirits.
A solo story writing game
Core book for the esoteric rpg
An minimal OSR adjacent system laid out as equations.
A one page game.
The story of a dog trying to be the goodet dog to get a chew toy from Santa!
The most important random table for yout game night!
An introduction to creating ttrpg content for web and ereader using pandoc.
The old gods are dead. The new gods require cake.
You are a...
Run in browser
A solo rpg about the fate of a country in the Queens absence .
A #WretchedJam gameabout a lighthouse keeper.
Afestive themed card table for The Adventurer
A mini zine of setting agnostic spells
You are trash in a river.
A solo larp for many players.

Solo games.

Tools and Tables