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The Adventurer is a solo narrative tabletop role playing game about writing journal entries while on an adventure in a world of your own creation. All you need to play is a standard deck of playing cards and a pen and paper.

Game play revolves around drawing cards and looking up their meaning on the card table and then interpreting them. You will be creating both your character and the world that they inhabit as you play.


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Used this tonight in conjunction with a rules light, one page TTRPG I put together.  My wife and I ran a duo adventure, each of us recording a log in our own notebook.  This was a really nice complement to the light rules I've put together...those provide some crunch, this provided the story and structure.  Very well done, simple and elegant.


Everything Dethb0y says in his review is spot on. This is such a light and flexible game, and it really helps prompt some great creative thinking.

I just started playing through this last night, and I love it. I used to journal and write creatively, but I've been in a slump for a few years. This helped me break that last night, and it feels so good to write again. Thank you. I'm looking forward to diving deeper into the stories this game is prompting.


Absolutely excellent game - small, easy to pick up, allows an enormous amount of player flexibility while providing enough hints to really feed the creativity! I highly recommend it, and it would make an excellent first Solo RPG for anyone who's curious to get into it, as well as being a useful tool for someone who is more experienced and needs a way to generate plot points or events for an adventure.